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Student Loan Industry

Student Loan Industry A Proven Leader
     Our experience has put us on the fore front, and our attention to detail has made Designer's Ink a trusted and recognized name in the student loan and servicing industry.   Designer's Ink has long since proven itself to be a reliable and efficient partner who can meet your current needs and anticipate your needs in the future.
     We are always on top of what is happening in the student loan industry.  We have up-to-date artwork available for all forms and printed material mandated  by the Department of Education.

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Stafford School Certification
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PLUS MPN Endorser
PLUS MPN School Certification
Federal Consolidation Application

     We have a fully staffed, on-site warehouse to aid in storage and fulfillment of your forms.  We can overprint your preprinted forms with variable (student and parent), or static (bank and school) information and mail your student loan packages from our centrally located, full service mail center.

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